Monday, December 26, 2005

NYC Otaku

There was an interesting article in the New York Times Magazine the other day about a Japanese kid named Yuki living in New York. The kid is obsessive about some things like public transportation and museum displays--according to the article he's got a genetic disorder, but for the most part it sounded like garden-variety otakudom to me.

He writes poetry about the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and memorizes train conductors' announcements. He entertains firefighters by singing to them in their firehouses, unaccompanied by music, because he likes to. His first home is an Upper East Side apartment; his second is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He has spent so many afternoons inside the Met that the security guards call out his name when they see him. He tells them what subway lines to avoid because of weekend service changes, which he monitors religiously.

The article gives me the impression that Yuki and his mother are struggling. They live together with others in a 2-bedroom place. His mom does freelance web design and is writing a book. My suggestion--get this kid a blog! I am sure it would be interesting, and it could run ads. His mom could even design it!

Yuki--I'd definitely link to it!

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Matt said...

Yeah, if ever a hypothetical blog was made for Google Ads, Yuki's is it.